Mayor Brian Bowman will be kicking off his commitment to visit every high school in Winnipeg beginning with a visit to Nelson McIntyre Collegiate today.

Mayor Bowman will speak to 200 students later this afternoon about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation; share his vision and enthusiasm for the city; and encourage students to identify and undertake three things to make Winnipeg a better place to live and work.

“I am very excited to be visiting high schools and connecting with students over the coming months,” said Mayor Bowman. “We have many different reasons to be proud of our city, and I want to provide our young people with an opportunity to speak directly with me about what makes them proud and what makes them anxious. As a takeaway, I want to encourage all of them to find and undertake three ways in which they can make Winnipeg an even better place to live.”

Over the next couple months, and continuing in the fall, Mayor Bowman will be visiting high schools across Winnipeg with the goal of visiting all 62 high schools over the next two years.

“I want to thank all the schools and school divisions who have so far helped facilitate my engagement with students,” said Mayor Bowman. “I do believe we are able to build a better, stronger, and safer community through collaboration and partnership, and our education system plays an important role in this. Diversity, greater inclusion, and celebrating our differences not only make our community stronger; they are also the foundation for successful learning environments. It requires hard work from all of us to ensure dignity and opportunity for all people across our community.”

Visiting high schools across Winnipeg builds on engagement efforts to connect with young people and schools including last year’s appointment of Councillor Brian Mayes as Council Liaison for School Boards and Youth Opportunities, and this year’s creation of a scholarship recognizing community leadership.

The Mayor’s Scholarship for Community Leadership award recognizes the important work of young people and will award five, $1,000 scholarships to students who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding dedication in solving a community problem or making their community a better place to live. This scholarship is intended to recognize and reward the achievements of Winnipeg’s future leaders and support them on the path toward their educational and career goals.

“There are many young people in our community working hard to make Winnipeg a place we are all proud to call home,” said Mayor Bowman. “It is important to acknowledge, reward, and support the important work young people do for our community, especially as they grow into our future leaders.”

Scholarship applicants must complete and submit an application form, found here. The Mayor’s office will manage application intake and award recipients will be selected by an independent selection panel. Scholarship applications must be received by May 20, 2016.