Waverley Underpass construction remains on track

Construction of the Waverley Underpass took an important step forward with the award of a major construction contract to Maple Leaf Construction Inc. on April 20, 2017. Maple Leaf Construction Inc. was the successful bidder for a comprehensive contract encompassing construction of the temporary traffic detour roadway, the underpass bridge structure, significant road improvements in the area, and land drainage work including a pump station.

"Winnipeg is a growing, thriving city," said Mayor Brian Bowman. "Building a more modern and efficient public transportation system is essential to support our city's growth and I am pleased this important project continues to move forward. Waverley is an important route for Winnipeggers, and when completed this underpass will help ease congestion, improve traffic flow, and enhance safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians."

Preliminary underground drainage and watermain relocation works have been underway in the area since January 2017 under a separate contract awarded to Borland Construction Inc. With the award of this major contract to Maple Leaf Construction Inc., work on the Waverley Underpass is set to continue for the next three years. Construction of railway and roadway detours will occur over the 2017 summer construction season, allowing train traffic and four lanes of vehicular traffic to be maintained while construction of the underpass occurs in 2018 and 2019.

Traffic is expected to transition under the new underpass in the fall of 2019. When completed, the Waverley Underpass will eliminate a significant point of congestion and delay at what is one the busiest at-grade rail crossings in Canada. Investments made in the vicinity of the underpass, such as the twinning of Taylor Avenue and addition of turning lanes at Wilkes Avenue, Taylor Avenue and Grant Avenue will together result in improved traffic flow in the area.

"I am also grateful to our federal and provincial partners for their commitment to funding this key infrastructure project," said Mayor Bowman. "In order to build Winnipeg for the future for a population of one million people strong, we need strong partners in other levels of government and this project helps demonstrate what strong partnerships can do for our city."

The project has a total budget of $155.082 million, with funding being provided by all three levels of government. CN is also contributing $9.5 million to the project. With the contract awarded to Maple Leaf Construction Inc. in the amount of $44.7 million, the project remains on schedule and within budget. Maple Leaf Construction Inc. submitted the lowest total bid price of all qualified and responsive bidders.

As with any major construction project, traffic flow may be impacted during the work.  The public is reminded to proceed with caution in construction zones. Additional details about the project, including regular project updates and timelines, can be found at www.winnipeg.ca/waverleyunderpass.