City of Winnipeg’s First lobbyist registry now operational

WINNIPEG – The City of Winnipeg’s first voluntary lobbyist registry is now operational and ready to receive lobbyist registrations in order to help provide greater openness and transparency at City Hall.  

The registry was created to obtain information on any meetings occurring when an individual representing a financial or business interest, or the financial interest of a not-for-profit with paid staff, communicates with a Member of Council or City staff to try and influence a decision on governmental matters that are outside of the standard process.

“A tool like a lobbyist registry has been missing from Winnipeg’s City Hall for too long,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “Lobbyist registries are recognized as an effective accountability tool and are currently in place across Canada at federal, provincial, and municipal levels. These types of registries can help build a more open, transparent, and accountable government by allowing members of the public to see who is attempting to influence government decision makers and the reasons behind their efforts. I am pleased Winnipeg’s first lobbyist registry is up and running, and I look forward to working with Winnipeg’s first Integrity Commissioner on ways to refine, enhance, and strengthen it moving forward.”

Individual residents who engage with councillors or communicate with City officials through an established process or an open civic forum are not considered lobbyists, and individuals acting in their official capacity as a government or public sector official are also not considered lobbyists.

Lobbyists can voluntarily register, allowing for both government officials and the public to know who is attempting to influence decision makers. There is no fee to register as a lobbyist, and lobbyists should register their activities within ten days of the interaction by completing a voluntary registration form located here.

The lobbyist registry falls within the City’s existing legislative authority. The Integrity Commissioner is the registrar of the lobbyist registry, and is responsible for reviewing future changes to the registry process.

Additional information on the Lobbyist Registry can be accessed here.