WINNIPEG – A new advisory committee on heritage, culture, and arts has been created, fulfilling a key recommendation of the task force mandated last year to explore opportunities to broaden the revenue base for these sectors and ensure their long-term success, Mayor Brian Bowman announced today.

“One of the key recommendations made by the task force looking at ways to ensure the long-term success of Winnipeg’s vibrant arts, heritage, and cultural industries was to keep the dialogue and discussion going by establishing a permanent committee of stakeholders who can collaborate and provide strategic advice to Council on how best to move forward with implementing other task force recommendations,” said Mayor Brian Bowman.

“I am excited to continue with this work,” said Councillor Mike Pagtakhan. “The task force came up with 29 recommendations for the Mayor’s consideration on ways to strengthen the arts, culture and heritage industry in Winnipeg. I look forward to working with the new advisory committee members to review the recommendations and work towards an implementation plan.”

Members of the new advisory committee include:

  • Councillor Mike Pagtakhan (Chair) 
  • Thom Sparling, Executive Director, Creative Manitoba; Vice Chair Policy, Manitobans for the Arts
  • Christian Robin, City of Winnipeg Museums Board Co-Chair
  • Lynne Skromeda, Winnipeg Folk Festival; Governance Chair, Manitobans for the Arts
  • Brad Zander, Lawyer, MLT Aikins
  • Doneta Brotchie, Program Director, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • Cheryl Sharfe, Board Member, Canada Council for the Arts
  • Marc Lemoine, (Ex-Officio Member), Deputy Clerk, City of Winnipeg

The Mayor’s Task Force on Heritage, Culture, & the Arts was established in June 2016. It was mandated to examine and recommend ways Winnipeg can move forward in supporting and structuring Winnipeg’s vibrant arts, culture, and heritage sectors. It submitted its final report and recommendations in June 2017.

Winnipeg’s arts, culture and heritage sectors are estimated to contribute over $1 billion annually to the city’s gross domestic product representing over 6 percent of Winnipeg’s workforce.

“In addition to their economic contributions, these sectors contribute significantly to the quality of life and vibrancy of the city,” said Mayor Bowman. “Winnipeg is a growing, thriving, and diverse city well on its way to one million people strong, and continuing to invest in Winnipeg’s arts, culture, and heritage sectors is an important part of building Winnipeg for the future and building a city we can all be proud of,” said Mayor Bowman.

The Mayor emphasized that recommendations made in the report exist as recommendations only, and require additional review by the new advisory committee, and many also require Council approval, prior to implementation.

The task force’s final report and its recommendation are publicly available on Mayor Bowman’s website,