City of Winnipeg partners with Government of Manitoba on data sharing pilot project

Winnipeg - The City of Winnipeg and Government of Manitoba have started a pilot program that will see the City host provincial data on its open data portal. The first set of data available is enrolment numbers for Manitoba schools. The public can access the free data in machine-readable format on 

“The City of Winnipeg’s open data portal makes us a civic leader in Canada by making it easier for entrepreneurs, researchers, and the public service to access information that can be used to drive innovation and improve public services,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “This partnership with the provincial government, where provincial data is made available through Winnipeg’s open data portal, is great for taxpayers and represents a unique way to share both provincial and civic data one accessible place.”

“We believe Manitobans deserve access to information that can help them better understand issues that affect their lives on a daily basis,” said Blaine Pedersen, Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister. “Open data portals ensure members of the public have greater access to government data at no cost, and we’re pleased to partner with the City of Winnipeg on this pilot project to make Manitoba government data sets available on their open data portal.”

By utilizing existing City of Winnipeg open data capabilities, the Province is able to efficiently share selected data sets with the public. Through the pilot program, City of Winnipeg staff will continue to work closely with their provincial counterparts to look for more data sets that can be made available through the City’s open data portal. 

The City of Winnipeg has made significant progress in increasing access to information to the public and as a result, the City’s position on the Public Sector Digest Open Cities Index has improved. In 2016 the City of Winnipeg was ranked tenth among Canadian cities and then climbed seven positions to third place in 2017. 

For more information on the City of Winnipeg’s open data, please visit City of Winnipeg - Open Data Portal.