WINNIPEG – Executive Policy Committee unanimously recommended that Council consider appointing Michael Ruta as the City of Winnipeg’s interim Chief Administrative Officer effective May 24, 2019, Mayor Brian Bowman announced today.

“While efforts to recruit and recommend the city’s next Chief Administrative Officer are actively underway, we need to ensure leadership accountability and continuity within the public service until the new, permanent Chief Administrative Officer is in place,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “We still have lots of work to do to clean up City Hall and move our city forward. As a Council, we need to keep moving forward with important measures such as transitioning to a multiyear budget and preparing a transit masterplan, all while building and repairing a city whose population is projected to grow well into the future.”

In addition to recommending the appointment of an interim Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Policy Committee also recommended that Council consider appointing Paul Olafson as interim Chief Financial Officer.

“It’s good governance practice to ensure a separation of duties and responsibilities between an organization chief’s administrator and its chief financial officer,” said Mayor Bowman. “What’s being recommended to Council is that a separation of duties and responsibilities be maintained between these two positions, and that the appointments be done in an open and transparent manner.”

The interim appointments recommended today by Executive Policy Committee require Council approval, and will be on the May 16 Council meeting agenda.

Doug McNeil, the City of Winnipeg’s current Chief Administrative Officer, indicated his intention to retire effective April 26, 2019. In response to reports of a significant flooding risk, his retirement date was extended to May 24, 2019 to assist the City of Winnipeg with its spring flood preparations.

Work to recruit and recommend the City of Winnipeg’s next permanent Chief Administrative Officer is ongoing.

A committee inclusive of both Executive Policy Committee members as well as non-Executive Policy Committee members has been established and tasked by Mayor Bowman with recruiting and recommending the appointment of the City of Winnipeg’s next Chief Administrative Officer. 

Once the committee makes its recommendation to the Executive Policy Committee, Executive Policy Committee is then mandated by provincial legislation through The City of Winnipeg Charter to recommend appointments of statutory officers, including the Chief Administrative Officer, to Council for their consideration.

A request for proposals seeking the assistance of an external consultant to assist with the recruitment process closed last month and responses are being reviewed by the City of Winnipeg’s public service.