WINNIPEG - Municipal Relations Minster Jeff Wharton joined Mayor Brian Bowman and
CentreVenture CEO Angela Mathieson for the release a new vision and development
strategy for the Northwest Exchange District and Chinatown neighbourhoods. The
strategy is part CentreVenture's ongoing efforts to renew and revitalize downtown
Winnipeg's various districts.

"This strategy is another example of how CentreVenture continues to support and align
downtown renewal efforts by identifying and informing opportunities for growth and
development in the heart of Winnipeg," said Wharton. "Community-led plans such as
these help to facilitate sound land use planning decisions and encourage investment in
underdeveloped areas."

The strategy document released by CentreVenture followed consultations with
neighbourhood agencies, business owners, and property owners. Active participants in
the process included such organizations such as the Chinatown Development
Corporation, Red River College, Artspace Inc, and Siloam Mission. The strategy
analyzes existing conditions in the neighbourhoods and establishes principles for future
development with a focus on filling in vacant lots, enhancing the history of the area,
creating affordable housing, and supporting local and independent businesses.

"Winnipeg's population is growing and we are on track to becoming a million people
strong," said Mayor Brian Bowman. 'We need to be planning today for this level of
future growth, and we need to be doing it in partnership with other levels of government
and by actively engaging with community stakeholders. The strategy being released
today reflects active and comprehensive community engagement as well as
government partnership to develop an important area of our city and, is a natural
extension of the visionary work currently underway to redevelop the Public Safety
Building and civic parkade lands."

Several zones within the neighbourhoods are highlighted in the strategy as infill
development opportunities to attract new residents and businesses. At the same event
CentreVenture launched a request for development proposals for one of those zones,
almost two acres of property along Ross Avenue including the historic Paulin Biscuit
Factory, optioned to Centre Venture by the City of Winnipeg. It is proposed for low-rise,
mixed-income residential development.

'There are tremendous assets and a great sense of identity already in these
neighbourhoods," Angela Mathieson said. "But there are opportunities to fill in some of
the gaps and create an even stronger and safer neighbourhood. This strategy and the
partnerships formed through its creation provide a solid foundation for working together
and making great things happen."