Community centres receive renovation grants

WINNIPEG – Today, Mayor Brian Bowman announced that nine City-owned community centres will receive funding for renovations through the City of Winnipeg’s Community Centre Renovation Grant (CCRG) program.

“Winnipeg’s population is growing, and is projected to grow steadily and strongly well into the future,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “A growing population increases the need not only for new infrastructure, but also maintaining existing facilities and infrastructure across the city. Community centres play an integral part in building healthy and thriving communities, and it’s important to keep these existing assets up-to-date, safe, and accessible.”

The CCRG program was adopted by Council in 2012. The program ensures that City-owned, board-run community centres can access much-needed assistance required to complete facility repairs, and allows them the ability to set programming priorities.

Since the program’s inception, the City has invested $6,093,911.78 toward 157 different community centre applications for renovations across the city. Program funding is used for repairs, upgrades, retrofits, safety improvements, and renovation projects. Each community centre applicant is eligible for 100 percent support of project costs to a maximum of $50,000 per project per calendar year.

This year’s City of Winnipeg’s budget approved by Council in March 2019 doubled the amount of annual capital funding available through the CCRG program, and a review is underway to develop an evaluation criteria for increasing the maximum funding available per project from $50,000 to $100,000.

“Increasing the maximum funding available per project allows community centres greater flexibility in addressing important infrastructure needs,” said Mayor Bowman. “I am pleased Council was able to support this program’s expansion as part of this budget.”

The Community Centre Renovation Grant (CCRG) program received and approved nine applications from the spring 2019 intake period for a combined total of $407,209.03 in grant funding.

The community centres receiving grants are:

  • Dakota
  • Tyndall Park 
  • Melrose Park
  • Varsity View 
  • Oxford Heights 
  • Southdale 
  • Transcona East End
  • Weston Memorial
  • Winakwa

The program has two intake periods each year: a spring intake in March and a fall intake in October. March 2019 was the fifteenth application period for the program.

Information regarding the CCRG Program, including how community centres can apply, can be found at City of Winnipeg – Community Centres.