WINNIPEG – A motion to be introduced at this morning’s Executive Policy Committee meeting proposes to direct the Public Service to implement recommendations made earlier this year by the road construction working group Mayor Brian Bowman said today.

The road construction working group submitted its final report and recommendations at the end of August. Among the recommendations outlined in the report were better communication, expanded use of earlier tendering, and greater utilization of 24/7 construction.

“The working group provided a number of very thoughtful recommendations that can help us improve the manner in which we plan, schedule, and undertake road construction projects across out city,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “The motion being introduced today will task the Public Service with taking action and implementing the recommendations made by the working group.”

The road construction working group met on four separate occasions earlier this year. Meetings focused on three major topics including improved communication with affected residents and businesses, alignment of the road construction tendering process with the City’s budget process, and utilization of 24/7 road construction.

The motion coming forward to Executive Policy Committee is also subject to Council’s review.
The motion specifically tasks the Public Service with planning future year construction seasons so that they align with the forthcoming multi-year budgeting approach adopted by Council. In particular, it directs the Public Service to award consulting assignments for road work the year prior to the year in which the construction is undertaken. It also recommends the City of Winnipeg tender its construction contracts earlier by tendering 70 to 80 percent of the following year’s road work from November to January, and the balance from January to March.

The motion also directs the Public Service to report back on the progress of the implementation of the road construction group recommendations within one year.

The road construction working group completed and released its final report and recommendation at the end of August 2019.

The working group’s final report can be reviewed here:

Membership of the working group included:

  • Councillor Matt Allard (St. Boniface), Chair
  • Ron Hambley, President, Winnipeg Construction Association
  • Brad Cook, Incoming President - Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Manitoba
  • Jonathan Alward, Director, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • Chris Lorenc, President-Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
  • Felicia Wiltshire, Director of Customer Service & Communications, City of Winnipeg
  • Jim Berezowsky, Director of Public Works, City of Winnipeg