WINNIPEG – In today’s State of the City Address, Mayor Brian Bowman delivered his vision on how courage and collaboration will continue to guide our growing city into the future.

“As we continue to achieve big things together, our confidence and courage to be who we really are as a community is growing by the day,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “When you’re the government closest to the people and you don’t have the powers or resources that other governments have, you have to find ways to innovate. The City of Winnipeg continues to leverage the talents from within the community toward innovative partnerships that will help move our growing city into the future.”

The Mayor made special mention of the additional partnership and action required by other levels of government to address three major challenges our city is facing.

“While there are plans to combat illicit drugs, end homelessness and better protect Lake Winnipeg, greater support from other levels of government will be required to get the results we all expect,” said Mayor Bowman. “We’re all in this together, and we must have the courage to face our toughest challenges, together.”

In his address, Mayor Bowman also announced:

  • This year’s preliminary balanced budget will be tabled for Council’s consideration on 
  • March 6, 2020; 
  • Winnipeg’s first ever Newcomer and Inclusion Policy will be coming forward;
  • The next revision for Our Winnipeg will be aligned with United Nations’ Sustainability Goals;
  • $100,000 is being made available to the Exchange District Biz to assist in their efforts to provide the City with timely and strategic planning recommendations representing a broad range of interests from our Exchange; 
  • Road construction innovations by the University of Manitoba Municipal Infrastructure Chair;
  • The appointment of Dayna Spiring of Economic Development Winnipeg as Chair and Sean Finn of CN as Vice Chair for the Million Tree Challenge Capital Campaign.

An overarching theme in this year’s address was how important it is for the City to continue to partner with community organizations, businesses and other levels of government.

Some of those highlighted include innovative partnerships with:

  • Bloomberg-Harvard
  • United Way
  • University of Manitoba
  • Exchange District BIZ
  • Downtown District BIZ
  • Tree Canada
  • Downtown Safety Partnership
  • Road Construction Working Group
  • Waze

Throughout the address, Mayor Bowman emphasized how our ability to innovate at City Hall can better support the demands of a growing city.

“With the City’s new multi-year balanced budget process, our continued focus on fiscal discipline, and improved planning, we are better prepared for growth today than ever before,” said Mayor Bowman
The Mayor also highlighted the response to October’s unprecedented winter storm.

“I want to acknowledge and recognize the professionalism and commitment of members of the city and provincial public service, who worked long hours over many weeks to make sure Winnipeg got moving as quickly and safely as possible,” said Mayor Bowman. “What we saw was a community working together and Winnipeggers deserve a lot of credit for helping each other through some very difficult situations. We are also tremendously grateful for the help we received from Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, and Toronto.”

The Mayor announced that partial proceeds from this year’s address, along with all future State of the City Addresses, will be donated to the United Way.

For over 50 years, the United Way has provided a strong and effective focus for Winnipeg’s compassion in the spirit of partnership, bringing our community together to empower and transform lives.