WINNIPEG – Kids between the ages of eight and twelve living in Winnipeg are being invited to apply to become Winnipeg’s next Kid Mayor, Mayor Brian Bowman announced today.

“I’m happy to once again launch this year’s application process to appoint Winnipeg’s next Kid Mayor,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “The appointment of a Kid Mayor is a fun way to increase engagement in civic government with Winnipeg’s youth and possibly even set someone on a path to become our Mayor in the future.”

Applicants seeking to become Winnipeg’s next Kid Mayor need to explain what they think Mayors do, and what they would do to make Winnipeg an even better place to live and why. Submissions need to be under 250 words, can be made into a video if applicants have the means to do so, and can be submitted either online or by mail.

Entries will be reviewed by an external panel of judges, and one lucky submission will be selected to become Winnipeg’s Kid Mayor for 2020.

Applicants are required to have permission from a parent or legal guardian to apply. Entries will be received until Friday May 1, 2020, and can be submitted online at:

As Kid Mayor, the winner will be provided an opportunity to join Mayor Brian Bowman for a day of being Mayor. They will have an opportunity to pitch City Councillors at Executive Policy Committee on their ideas to make Winnipeg an even better place to live, host their own press conference and more.

Last year, Sadie Armstrong was selected as Winnipeg’s second Kid Mayor. The runner-up, Unique Anderson, was also appointed Deputy Kid Mayor.

Kid Mayor Armstrong joined Mayor Bowman for a day of being Mayor. Her day as Mayor included a morning interview with The Drive on 94.3 fm, co-chairing Executive Policy Committee and speaking to media about her ideas to make Winnipeg better a better place to be.

Kid Mayor builds on initiatives including the creation of Winnipeg’s first Council Liaison position for School Board and Youth Opportunities, creating the Mayor’s Scholarship for Community Leadership which recognizes and rewards the efforts of high school students who are helping make Winnipeg a stronger community, and undertaking to visit every high school in Winnipeg to directly speak with and listen to students.

Last year, Mayor Bowman also introduced a Youth Advisory Council to better allow the voice of our youth to be heard at City Hall. The Youth Advisory Council acts as an independent advisory body and resource providing the Mayor with youth perspectives on existing city governance, programs and services. It also provides input on various social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues facing the city.

“In my time as Mayor, I’ve been incredibly inspired by the commitment and engagement shown by young people in our community” said Mayor Bowman. “I will continue to do my best to encourage our young people to be leaders in our community and to make their voices heard.”