WINNIPEG – Statement from Mayor Bowman:

“Today, I was pleased to meet with the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) board and staff to discuss the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region Plan20-50, which I’ve been advised is currently being drafted by the WMR.

The WMR is made up of the City of Winnipeg and the 17 municipalities in the capital region.
Plan20-50 will be a long-term land use and servicing plan developed by the WMR and is built on three main objectives:

  • Bustling Economy
  • Vibrant Communities
  • Natural Abundance

I have spoken in the past about my support for regionalism and the collective benefits to be gained. If done properly, a more coordinated regional approach has the potential to deliver more efficient and effective services for residents and businesses.

Winnipeg is witnessing growth we have not seen in decades and growth is also occurring in the capital region. As a result, Plan20-50 will be a crucial document going forward as it will inform planning and development within the capital region for the next thirty years.

Importantly, Plan20-50 will grow in significance with the anticipated passage of Bill 37, expected to receive second reading in the spring session of the Legislative Assembly. In its current form, the proposed legislation will give historic weight and authority to a regional plan.  

Given the importance of Plan20-50, I have requested the following of the WMR board:

  1. That the City of Winnipeg be provided with a draft copy of Plan20-50 as soon as possible; 
  2. That in the interests of openness and transparency, the draft Plan20-50 also be made public as soon as possible so it can be considered and scrutinized by interested stakeholders and residents; and
  3. That each capital region Council (in our case, Winnipeg’s City Council) be given the opportunity to consider and formally approve the draft Plan20-50 before the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region forwards it to the provincial government for their consideration.

Plan20-50 has the potential to shape how all the municipalities in the capital region will grow and a fully open and transparent process will be critical to ensuring citizens have a voice on how Plan20-50 will affect them. Inclusiveness and transparency are highlighted as important principles as part of the plan and there is no better place for that engagement than at the level of government closest to the people.”

For more information about Plan20-50, please see: