WINNIPEG – Today, a motion from Mayor Bowman was published for the January 20, 2021 Executive Policy Committee (EPC) meeting that recommends City Council request the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) to publicly release draft Plan20-50. The motion also requests that all municipal Councils in the WMR be given an opportunity to review and formally approve draft Plan20-50 before the WMR sends it to the Province of Manitoba for their consideration.

“For Plan20-50 to truly have legitimacy, it needs the support of the 18 democratically elected Councils that make up the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region board,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “That’s why the motion being published today seeks to give all 18 Councils a voice on Plan20-50, a plan that could significantly shape the way all these municipalities grow into the future.”

The motion also directs the public service to report back to Council within 60 days with a report on Bill 37 that identifies major changes from its predecessor (Bill 48) and any aspects of Bill 37 that may require formal direction or input from Winnipeg City Council.

Bill 37, The Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act, proposes significant changes to the land use planning appeal process and establishes a Capital Planning Region for the WMR. A key aspect of Bill 37 is a requirement for the WMR to adopt a regional plan for at least a 30-year time span, otherwise known as Plan20-50. Bill 37 does not currently require the municipal Councils in the WMR to review and approve Plan20-50 before it is sent to the Province of Manitoba for review.

A number of municipalities have been expressing concerns about Plan20-50 including Selkirk and West St. Paul, both of which are in support of making the plan public and giving all 18 Councils a voice.

“I support Mayor Bowman’s recommendations for a more transparent and democratic process for the approval of the Winnipeg Metro Region’s Plan20-50,” said Mayor Larry Johannson of Selkirk. “With the dramatic changes proposed by the Province of Manitoba in Bill 37, Plan20-50 will have significant impact on all businesses, citizens and property owners living within the Winnipeg Metro Region (WMR) boundaries.”

“As Mayor of West St. Paul, I fully support Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman and his request that a regional plan impacting planning, infrastructure and growth in our communities be reviewed and approved by all Councils in the region and be made available to our residents and businesses for review,” said Mayor Cheryl Christian of West St. Paul. “The creation of a comprehensive plan for our region must be an open and inclusive process.”

If the motion is approved by EPC, it will move on to a vote of Winnipeg City Council on Thursday, January 28, 2021.