City of Winnipeg and WRENCH announce new program

WINNIPEG – The City of Winnipeg’s Animal Services and the WRENCH (Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub) are pleased to announce a groundbreaking new program that’s turning heads among animal lovers and cyclists.
The new Dogs on Bikes Program is a therapeutic approach to animal rehabilitation that pairs canines with WRENCH cycling coaches and introduces them to the joys of bicycle transportation.
"Eating and sleeping all day can get tiresome, so I’m pleased to see the new Dogs on Bikes Program giving our canine friends a new active transportation option,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “Dogs sometimes chase bikes, but now it's clear that it’s because they want to get on the bike to explore our city's new active transportation amenities. I was particularly impressed with the doggie bag seat attachment that maximizes the fun they’re able to have while keeping our pathways clean!”
“While we start them off with training wheels, of course, you’d be surprised at how quickly their balance improves,” said Greg Allan, WRENCH Education Lead. “In no time, they’ll be racing down the city’s active transportation pathways.”
Each year, WRENCH programming diverts tons of bicycles and bike parts from the waste stream. The Dogs on Bikes Program has changed WRENCH’s approach to reusing and modifying bike parts to ensure the safety and comfort of our four-legged friends.
“Shepherd’s naturally need a higher seat, while Pomeranians must use striders,” said Leland Gordon, General Manager of Animal Services. “I’m truly impressed at the innovative stuff WRENCH’s team has developed, including forward-facing fenders so tails don’t get caught in spokes.”
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