Today, Mayor Bowman announced a $20,000 contribution to the legal challenge of Quebec’s Bill 21 being led by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, World Sikh Organization of Canada, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. This joins with the contributions being made by mayors and cities across the country.

“Bill 21 is fundamentally against the values we, as Canadians, hold dear,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “I’m proud to join cities across the country in challenging the legality of this regressive Bill and standing up for what is right. I’m hopeful that others in Winnipeg including City Councillors will consider contributing to this effort, as well.”

On October 24, 2019 City of Winnipeg Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing Bill 21, and supporting, in principle, the legal challenge to Bill 21. 

Last week, Winnipeg’s City Council reaffirmed its support for the legal challenge to Bill 21 and unanimously voted to acknowledge that respective members of Council may contribute financially to the legal challenge through discretionary funds.  

“A Canadian is a Canadian. And as Canadians, we have a responsibility to support fellow Canadians who are being discriminated against under Bill 21,” said Mayor Bowman. “In addition to supporting the legal challenge to Bill 21, Winnipeggers should be proud of our leadership efforts to protect and promote human rights locally.” 

The City of Winnipeg has initiated the following:

  • The first ever Human Rights Committee of Council has been established and has helped to create a Newcomer Welcome and Inclusion Policy and Strategic Framework that is providing strategies and actions for “A City without Racism” including enhanced pubic service training on anti-oppression and anti-racism matters. 
  • In March of last year, the City initiated Anti-Racism Week to better focus and explore what Winnipeg would look like without racism. 
  • In August of last year, permanent residents became eligible to apply to City of Winnipeg Boards and Commissions. This was as a result of a Council decision to change the eligibility from only Canadian citizens. 
  • In September, Council also approved the official creation of an Equity Office within Human Resource Services and the Equity and Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Strategy that is outlining steps that will be taken to increase the equity, diversity and inclusivity of the City’s workforce. Additional investment to the Equity Office were approved during the most recent balanced budget process to support a focus on hiring employees from diverse backgrounds.