City Hall Goes Digital!

There is a lot to be said for the digital media generation. 

I’m certainly not shy about being a huge fan of new, alternative and social media to connect and interact with people. It affords me the opportunity to share information with citizens quickly and gather ideas from Winnipeggers I might not otherwise have the chance to hear from. It provides me the ability to show citizens where I am spending time as Mayor and who I am meeting with, all at a click of an icon.

But more than that, digital media, in its many platforms, provides a vehicle to reach out far past our City’s boundaries and share our pride across the nation and around the globe, also at the click of an icon. We have great stories to share, we have incredible citizens, we have outstanding innovative talent and compassionate community activities. Click. Click. Click. 

As I write this, I really can’t help but think about the innovative new media platforms we are bound to include as a means of communicating with one another that is only being developed now. I can only imagine the technology we will use to communicate in 2018, and I can’t wait to see how it can improve our ability to interact with one another.

My top commitment is to make positive change here at City Hall and throughout the entire City. I’m on the job to rebuild faith and restore trust in decision-making and planning at the City. It all begins with honesty, integrity, openness and transparency. My promise to Winnipeg is that I will be available and accessible, honest and open. Whether through being interactive on social media or through this website, my doors, virtual and physical, are open to you. You, after all, are the reason I have this profound opportunity to lead Winnipeg into a promising future as a growing, more modern, thriving City. And let me tell you, I am sincerely honoured.

Through this website, I will be able to make documents and information directly available to citizens. As we further develop this site and as our capabilities increase, the opportunity to grow our base of information to share will, of course, also expand. These are exciting times and I look forward to hearing the ideas from all of you that will help us shape the way we communicate and consult with you from City Hall over the coming years.

Let’s work together to make every citizen proud to be a Winnipegger because there is so much to be proud of. Let’s collaborate and turn the tides on secrecy and do things the right way every time. 

We're in the midst of an era of digital innovation and communication that evolves even as I type this. I’m excited to be here right now leading a positive change in Winnipeg. I hope you will all join me.


Brian Bowman