A Year-Round Guide to Winnipeg’s Best Activities

A Year-Round Guide to Winnipeg’s Best Activities

With more than three centuries’ worth of rich history, Winnipeg is a city that has its personality. From its bustling cultural scene to its status as the capital of Manitoba, It promises a unique experience no matter when you visit. As Canada’s seventh-largest city, Winnipeg boasts excitement and charm throughout every season.

Every season, Winnipeg has various activities and attractions catering to natives and tourists alike. So come with us & uncover the best things to see and do in Winnipeg year-round!


Winnipeg’s spring season is unlike any other. With melting snow, the fresh smell of flowers blooming, and the return of longer days, it’s a magical feeling. It’s all about embracing the unexpected, which is why spring weather can never be predicted. Instead, it’s a time to appreciate the little things in life. 

Winnipeg springs to life as the snow thaws and warmth creeps in. First, discover the elaborate Art Gallery, which boasts a trove of more than 27,000 works of art, including Inuit pieces that make up the most significant collection worldwide. Alternatively, delve into Manitoba’s past by visiting the Manitoba Museum.


Winnipeg summers come alive as residents shed their winter coats and take advantage of the warmer weather. There are festivals, parks, and outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained. A staple of Winnipeg summers is the Folklorama festival, which celebrates the city’s diverse cultures. Families flock to the beaches on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River, and others participate in the city’s biking and hiking trails.

In July, music enthusiasts can revel in the Winnipeg Folk Festival, a four-day extravaganza showcasing six stages brimming with more than 70 performers, food, art, and workshops.


It fills with colorful foliage and cool air. First, you’ll find the locals dressed in cozy attire, enjoying the crisp weather outdoors. Then, as the days are shorter, catch the sunsets reflecting off the Red River, and there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, such as walking tours and pumpkin patches.

The Winnipeg International Film Festival is a perfect fall pastime, held yearly in October. Film enthusiasts must attend as it highlights more than 100 films from across the globe.

Cold or Winter

In Winnipeg, winter brings cold temperatures and snow that never ends. The city becomes a winter wonderland with white blankets everywhere. Even though it may seem like winter dominates, the city has plenty of activities to offer, like skating on the frozen river or tobogganing down the steep hills in the city’s parks. Plus, warm indoor activities, like visiting museums or cozy cafes, provide a break from the cold. But for those who embrace the chill, winter in Winnipeg can be magical and unforgettable.

Each February, the Festival du Voyageur offers an exceptional winter experience to those searching for something different. This cultural celebration lasts ten days and commemorates the French-Canadian region’s rich heritage, encompassing live music, authentic food, and various activities that highlight the city’s past.

Over 200 animal species, ranging from polar bears to red pandas, are housed within the Assiniboine Park Zoo, one of Winnipeg’s top year-long destinations. Delve within the mesmerizing indoor tropical house or view the stunning butterfly garden; visitors can also engage with one of the interactive animal exhibits. Regardless of the season, an array of unbelievable attractions awaits you in Winnipeg.


With many things to experience all year round, Winnipeg is a dynamic and lively city that cannot be missed. No matter the weather, every person will feel right at home with its abundance of activities available; culture, art, sports, and outdoor entertainment. Winnipeg boasts the best of both worlds as visitors can take in the stunning green spaces or visit one of its luxurious museums and galleries, each with their eccentric atmosphere and unique vibe!

Winnipeg, a city with many activities, attractions, and events, promises to deliver an unforgettable experience whether you’re a local seeking adventure or a tourist engulfed in wanderlust. Be sure to check out the offerings of this vibrant city during any season of your visit.

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